Offices in Belton, Texas, San Francisco, California and College Station, Texas

REAL PROPERTY ANALYTICS (RPA) is a real estate consulting and appraisal service that specializes in the analysis and valuation of real properties that may be impacted by environmental contamination or alleged contamination from on-site and off-site sources as well as other potentially adverse influences on residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties. RPA was founded by Dr. Tom Jackson, a former professor at Texas A&M University, and has provided real estate analysis services on assignments throughout the U.S. and in Canada for over 18 years. These services have included litigation support and expert witness testimony on cases before federal and state courts that involved property value diminution and related issues (see Representative Litigation Matters, below). RPA analysts and testifiers have significant expertise in analyzing real properties involved in proposed environmental class actions, and are experienced at the evaluation of complex econometric models as well as other methodologies used, or proposed for use, in analyzing property value diminution in this context.

RPA researchers have contributed to the literature on the methods, techniques and standards for analyzing impacts on value and estimating property value diminution due to environmental contamination and other potentially adverse influences (see Selected Publications, below). In addition, as a former member of the Appraisal Standards Board of The Appraisal Foundation and later the Professional Standards and Guidance Committee of the Appraisal Institute, Dr. Jackson was the principal author of two authoritative guidance documents on professional standards applicable to the appraisal of properties that may be impacted by environmental contamination (see GN-6 and AO-9, below).

RPA consultants include Jennifer Pitts, CRE, and Dr. Chris Yost-Bremm. Dr. Jackson currently serves as senior advisor and counsel. More about these individuals, their publications and other information may be found through the page links below.

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